Béal Beo 3

Béal Beo 3 Cover

The Béal Beo pupils’ book is written and designed to cover the ten themes of the curriculum


  • Béal Beo emphasises the importance of using Gaeilge informally throughout the school day, as recommended in the new Primary Language Curriculum. The stories follow a continuous thread which calls for a greater sense of involvement on the part of the children. It affords them the experience of reading a real book or ‘fíor leabhar
  • Integrates the combined strands of listening, reading, writing, speaking and oral language
  • The pupils’ book is central to the programme and contains engaging stories with relevant and current material to suit each age group
  • There is also a direct focus on oral language as presented in ‘Labhair Linn’ the oral language activity at the beginning of each week and provision is made for child-teacher and child-child oral interaction
  • Drama is used as a teaching method in the grammar sections to make it enjoyable and to reinforce points of grammar
  • Repetition and expansion of vocabulary and feidhmeanna teanga throughout support both revision and development of the language
  • The textbook is designed to be both teacher- and child-friendly, with symbols to highlight where additional digital resources are available.


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